10 februari 2010

Finally - new website!

It took a little longer than I expected due to many winter weddings that are priority no. 1 !!!

As from today you will find my
blog on my new website:


Come on in! I've been missing you a lot!

Photo: Brigitte Grenfeldt


31 december 2009

Happy New Year 2010!

This will be one of the last posts in my "old" blogg! Yeay! I have been very busy with my new homepage, blogg, galleries and all the stuff that has to be changed. In a few weeks - I hope! - everything will be ready for the release of my new homepage & blog! Untill then have a great start of the exciting new decade of 2010!


Photo: Brigitte Grenfeldt


03 december 2009

Let's have some fun!

Most of my brides want to have the portraits taken before the ceremony. I find that very smart. That gives us the chance to create pictures without any stress and the couple gets some time together all by themselves without having the feeling to hurry back to the guests. But Tina & Christian had promised that we would have enough time even after the ceremony - and they were right.

Tina & Christina

Tina and Christian, it was a wonderful afternoon with an unforgettable ceremony. Thank you for letting me be a part of your day!

Photo: Brigitte Grenfeldt


26 november 2009

Bubbles of all kind!

All those tiny bottles for the bubbles after the ceremony. I love bubbles for wedding pictures. They not only last longer than the rice but they keep your guests busy. That together makes beautiful pictures.

Tina & Christian

When you plan to have your portraits taken after the ceremony make sure your guest have enough to nibble and some other bubbly stuff in the meantime. It keeps them happy!

19 november 2009

Wedding with a View.

What a view! Overlooking the park of Högberga Gård and the waterfront with all the chairs for the ceremony that should be held outside in the full sunhine. Tina arrived in a vintage sportscar that her father drove (it was his!) while Christian and his bestman got ready to meet the bride. Here comes part one of three...

Tina & Christian

Photo: Brigitte Grenfeldt


13 november 2009

Singing in the rain?

It was one of those mornings when you wake up and know: "It's raining..." This was the view through the windshield of my car when I arrived in Grisslehamn to cover the wedding of Linda & Mattias.

Linda & Mattias

When I arrived at the Hotel Havsbaden in Grisslehamn all their umbrellas were taken by the guests. Linda was so exited when I came to her suite and she was so much looking foreward to meet Mattias.

They were like teenagers - can you believe they have two beautiful kids?!

It had stopped raining when we left for church but the weather still was very unpredictable.

We arrived at the beautiful little church and the sun was fighting against the heavy clouds.

Linda and Mattias have their summerhouse on the island and they very much wanted to take some pictures at the beach. Fortunalely we had been talking about an eventual rain earlier and I recommended rubber boots for the rocks - as we all know it can get quite slippery.

We drove to the house of the artist Albert Engström...

...and after a few minutes we were ready to lay down on the cliffs.

Thank you, Linda & Mattias, for giving me the chance to create those pictures - I had a blast!

Photo: Brigitte Grenfeldt