29 september 2008

Girls just want to have fun!

Off we go in a Bel Air Limo!

I'm on my way!

Nor, you really know how to have fun - and make everyone around you smile!


27 september 2008

Bobbi Brown's tips for getting bride beautiful

Makeup guru Bobbi Brown shared the following tips for getting gorgeous on your wedding day:
1. Do a test run, on your own or with a makeup artist, and take pictures to see how you look on camera. "You might think you look okay, but you actually might look washed out," warns Brown.
2. "Make sure that your foundation matches your skin exactly," she says. Start around the nose and mouth where there's redness, then blend out to the rest of the face.
3. Set concealer and foundation with Sheer Finish loose powder to make them longer-lasting and avoid shine. "The concealer is for brightening under the eyes, and the foundation for evening out your skin," she says.
4. If your dress has an open neckline, be sure to warm up your neck and chest with a dusting of bronzing powder.
5. Your eye makeup will withstand tears if you stick to waterproof formulas. "Make sure your liner is a gel, mascara is waterproof and your eyeshadow is long-wear," she says.
6. After applying all your eye makeup, finish with a highlighter shade on your brow bone to make eyes pop. "Rub your finger in a light matte shade and pat lightly on the outer corner of the brow bone.
7. For a pretty flush that lasts, use two shades of blush. First, apply a neutral shade on the apples of cheeks, blending into the hairline, then downward to soften. Then apply a brighter shade just on the apples of cheeks.
8. Neutral and pale lip colors look washed out in photographs, so choose a lipstick that's one to two shades brighter than what you normally wear. "Not something intense," Brown says, "but maybe a few colors up." Pinks, roses and plums are great choices.

9. To make lip color last longer, line and fill in lips with a lip pencil before applying lipstick. "Put the lipstick on, then put a little more lip pencil on top, and it will stay on a long time."
10. Carry a touchup kit with concealer, pressed powder, lipstick or gloss, lip liner, tissues, mints and a mini-sewing kit (for emergency clothing fixes).
Brigitte’s special tip: A little concealer and pressed powder on the groom does miracles…

25 september 2008

Away from it all...

Here she comes...

Sofia - what a breathtaking bride!

And Jacob - the perfect gentleman.

It's time to go back to Villa Pauli and enjoy the party! Thank you guys, for changing your mind the day before - or I would not have seen the exciting "ring of fire"!


23 september 2008

Red carpet & white ballons

Jacob really enjoyed watching Sofia coming through the garden of Villa Pauli.

What a sweet gesture of Sofia's dad to kiss his daughter good bye.

Walking on roses petals - what a great idea!

The red box tells it: It's a Cartier!

Love is in the air, everywhere you look arround...

Up, up and away!

My very special thanks to Andreas at Villa Pauli!


20 september 2008

Getting ready at Villa Pauli

Gorgious shoes from Giuseppe Zanotti and a specially designed dress for Sofia from Caroline Castigliano.

buttons, buttons, buttons...

Sofia is ready!

Soon Jacob will se his bride.


18 september 2008

Invitation in a Box.

About a week ago i received a small parcel from Nor and Per - how nice of them - with a personal invitation to their wedding and including a tiny book about "love".

One of the wisdoms in this little book is: Love is sharing a part of you with others. Well, that's exactly what I do right now.


17 september 2008

Watercolour Wedding.

You have seen other images from Marie & Oscar's wedding at Krägga Herrgård, but here are some of my favourites of the couple.

Thank you, Marie and Oscar, for giving me the opportunity to create those lovely images of you!


16 september 2008

Waterfront Ceremony

Planning an open-air wedding in Sweden means to have a lot of confidence in the Weather-Gods (or who ever is responsible for it). But planning the ceremony near the waterfront is almost a challenge for them...

Everything was just so perfect and that Saturday was one of the most beautiful with an almost magic sunset - an no mosquitos!

I have to apologize to Richard - a friend of Oscar - for not letting him take more pictures with his Nikon. I'm sure you got som great stuff from behind ;-)