29 maj 2009

Handpainted by Peter.

Personally designed and handpainted invitations for every guest! Peter is not a professional artist but he surely is talented.

Isn't this a great idea? Write the guest's name even on the back of the cards - now even those sitting in front know who you are. So simple and yet so smart!

Photo: Brigitte Grenfeldt


24 maj 2009

In just a few weeks...

Pre-wedding sessions are so much fun! When Sarah and Nicolas came to our meeting they were in a hurry because they had to catch the plane back to London where they live. We had only 5 minutes for some pictures... In the beginning they were a little nervous but Sarah is such a warm and spontanous person that Nicolas just could not resist.

That was not so terrible, Nicolas, was it?

See you in a few weeks att Krägga Herrgård!


17 maj 2009

Workshop part 3 (and final) loooong...

To give you an idea what we did during this 2-days-seminar with Jessica Claire and Becker, I show you some more images. Here are a few more pictures (you have seen some in earlier posts) that I took in the Old Town (Gamla Stan).

Next day, after the seminar, we started at "Hötorget" (market) in the heart of the city. That was the start of several unusual locations that Becker picked.

15 photographers, 2 models, 1 workshop leader walked from the market behind the Concert Hall to Kungsgatan

Back on Kungsgatan. Look at the orange wall in the background.

... with an entrance to...what??? Nobody knew.

Alex could not resist and had to step into the window of the underwear boutique of Triumph. Thank you, Cissi, for not getting mad at us!

Suddenly Alex and Johanna disappeared - we found them in a Café, watching us from inside.

Just across the street is the "rulltrappa" (I have to look up the english word... which is "escalator" - thank you Nouna!) that is on these images.

We came to Stureplan - Stockholm's centre for exclusive shopping, hip nightclubs and the chic part of the city. Our models had fun doing things they usually never would do!

All of you who live in Stockholm know, that "Svampen" was and still is the perfect meeting point whenever during the day (or night). I have to admit - we had some shocked spectators who thought it was very unappropriate to place a weddingcouple under the "Mushroom".

My favourite of the day:

Photo Brigitte Grenfeldt


11 maj 2009

Workshop part 2

I was very tempted to show you the pictures in colour but I really love the oldfashioned, dramatic Black & White feeling. It makes the images so intimate and yet so journalistic. The lens I used here was Canons 50mm/F 1.2.

Photo Brigitte Grenfeldt

10 maj 2009

Workshop with Jessica Claire and Becker in Stockholm!

Photo by Justin, danielphoto

Finally! They are in Sweden! Can you believe it? Two of the best and most creative wedding photographers on earth were in Stockholm to share their tricks and tips with us. After having followed their blog (and before that visited their websites for years) I finally got to meet them: Jessica Claire and [b]ecker from Orange County, California, USA. Thanks to Jenny Blad from Scandinavian Photo who made it possible! Here are a few pictures from both days...more is to come in a few days!

We started the workshop in the old town on an cloudy and a little chilly tuesday.

Johanna & Alex, our brave models, came to like each other more and more.

Jessica took the chance to take a few pictures with Becker in the background.

Here you get an impression how we worked...and that was only a small part of the group!

There were so many great places in the city!

I do hope I can convince my future clients to be little cooler when picking locations for our portraits!

Photo Brigitte Grenfeldt