30 oktober 2008

08 oktober 2008

Hazelius and Yalla Yalla!!!

Hazeliussalen at the Restaurant Hasselbacken was named after the founder of Skansen, Artur Hazelius, and was the beautiful place for the reception of Nor & Per.

Autumnleaves on the tables and hundreds of small lights in branches along the walls gave the room a very warm and enchanted atmosphere.

Nor and Per just could not resist to fool around the magnificent cake...

When the belly-dancer appeared, the atmosphere went from warm to hot and the guests' "yalla yalla" could be heard over the street to Gröna Lund, Stockholms famous Tivoli!

Nor and Per had a real fairytale wedding. But even this fairytale had to have an end and I am very lucky for having been a part of it.


05 oktober 2008

Autumn is here.

Nor is originally from Irak but grew up in Stockholm. She had been dreaming of having her wedding ceremony on the roof-terrasse of the Restaurant Hasselbacken.

Walking on a white carpet that was decorated with autum leaves, the couple was welcomed by the guests' "yalla yalla" and hundreds of soapbubbles.

Branches were decorated with crystals.

Guess who's married?

Autumn even inside the champagneglasses

Photo: www.brigitte.nu

02 oktober 2008

Welcome the Bride in Style.

Are you ready guys?

The groomsmen welcome the bride's maids with the bouquets! Isn't that sweet?

Nor was one big smile when she saw Per waiting for her...

...with this very elegant bouquet.