20 november 2008

New Trends in Old Walls

Filippa and the girls had so much fun at the beauty salon that they almost came late to the ceremony

Oscar gets some help with his tie.

Don't forget the rings (trend-warning: the more diamonds the better!)

Going to the chapel...which was Seglora curch at Skansen, Stockholm's outdoor museum with some of Swedens oldest buildings.

Exclusive stationary - no homeprinted invitations!

Unusual but simple decorations due to the season - one of the new trends.

Walking up the aisle with Dad.

...I take you, Filippa...

You can tell they have fun together - Mr. and Mrs. Forsberg!
Yey! Here they are!

The reception was held at Högloftet, just a five-minutes-walk from the church.

While the guests arrived the bridal party finally had a chance to meet.

Guess who?

Pick one!

A few minutes - just the two of us.

New Trend! Instead of the big cake: a small one for the couple (for the pictures!) and macarons for all of us - Yummy!

Some guys just never grow up!

You don't have to waltz!

...and they danced happily all night long.