30 juli 2009

A Fairytale Wedding / Part 2

While Sarah was on her way to the yacht that would bring her and her father to the ceremony, her bride's maids took the oportunity to take some pictures of each other.

Yes, it's fun to check right away - take another one! Instead of carrying small bouquets the bride's maids had beautiful bracelets with roses on their arms.

Just 15 minutes prior to the ceremony Nicolas got some help from his best man . Can you tell the brand of the tuxedo?

Yes! It's a Gucci...!

When the boat with Sarah and her father came nearer the bride's maids started walking on the pier to welcome them.

Photo Brigitte Grenfeldt

27 juli 2009

A Fairytale Wedding / Part 1

Sarah and Nicolas married at Krägga Hergård. This wedding was different in many ways and I will post four parts.

I arrived a little earlier to capture some details and preparations. I had the pleasure to meet Katarina from Your Wedding Agent, who was the wedding coordinator of this fairytale wedding.

The reception was held in a former stable that had gone through a total make over. The people from Eventdesign did a fabulous job! White fabric was decorated under the ceiling and the colour theme was white, gold and brown - very elegant!

Sarah's exquisit dress was hand made and had embroideries with millions of pearls and crystals all over. I can tell you - it was heavy!

Sarah chose to have her hair natural and Rabi Jallo from RabiRabi helped her to look like a princess out of "The tales from 1001 nights".

Photo Brigitte Grenfeldt


20 juli 2009

Mr. & Mr.

Fredrik and Jesper were probably the last couple who registered their "partnership" at Stadshuset before the new law became legalised. From the day after it's "marriage"!

May I present to you: Fredrik..

..and Jesper.

Black (!) handkerchiefs in the pockets - very stylish!

Let's do it!

YES! and YES! From now on Mr. and Mr. A.......

Congratulations guys!

After the ceremony we all went to the waterfront of Stadshuset for a toast to the couple.

As you can see I was offered a glass of champagne directly after the ceremony - yummy!

Thank you, guys, for asking me to take your pictures! You were so much fun to be around - I enjoyed every minute! We have so many great images for your coffee table book.

Photo Brigitte Grenfeldt


16 juli 2009

Pre-wedding med Evina & Christofer

Just a few blocks away from where we had this shooting, Evina and Christofer will get married in a few weeks. There is no doubt that we will have a lot of fun during the day - just look at them!

Photo Brigitte Grenfeldt

13 juli 2009

For the "shoezillas" among you!

I simply love them! It must be so much more fun to have a pair of shoes on your wedding day that you want to wear again and again and again to party, dance and have a romantic dinner or just at home to surprise him now and then...

Photo Brigitte Grenfeldt


05 juli 2009

A French Connection

Linda from Sweden and Emmanuel from France married in Österhaninge church and had their reception at Körunda Golf Club. It was one of those perfect swedish summer days and their guests from France absolutely loved the landscape south of Stockholm.

In France it's common to wear a hat or some "création" to a wedding and some of the swedish guests took the chance to increase their wardrobe. Can you tell who is french?

We were a little late for the group pictures so the girls had to run while the guys were very tempeted to give Emmanuel a bath.

Photo Brigitte Grenfeldt