28 augusti 2009

Ready to meet each other

I love to take the first pictures of the couple when they get ready to meet each other. The atmospere is sparkling like champagne and the butterflies in their stomaches are loose. Here is the first part of Lotta & Jonas totaly relaxed wedding.



Photo Brigitte Grenfeldt


13 augusti 2009

Bryllup på norska ambassaden i Stockholm.

Veronica & Jacques

Veronica och Jacques från Oslo ville ha ett enkelt bröllop och åkte med släkten till Stockholm för att gifta sig på norska ambassaden.

Det var en av dessa dagarna där det spöregnade... men med ett snyggt paraply är det bara att skratta åt det hela!

Efter ett glas champagne på Hotel Diplomat slutade regnet och vi kunde ta många underbara bilder på innergården.

Photo Brigitte Grenfeldt


12 augusti 2009

Three appetizers

They are all on their honeymoon while I am sitting untill midnight every evening with the pictures of their wedding...

Lotta & Jonas

Johan & Jakob

Evina & Christofer

All Photos Brigitte Grenfeldt


08 augusti 2009

A Fairytale Wedding / Part 4

After the shooting of countless groups, family and friends (there were more than 100 guests!) at the waterfront we suddenly had to hurry to the stable where the reception was held, because the rain was catching up on us. Can you see the rainbow?

The people from Eventdesign had not only decorated the whole place like a castle, they even managed to build a lounge with a persian touch. A belly dancer brought some excitement between the speeches.

After the dinner Sarah changed into a breath taking eveningrobe in pink. Her entrance was spectacular and all the ladies just said WOOOW! and took a picture of this oriental princess.

Of course the cake was one of a kind too...

..and they danced and danced and danced...

...untill the morning light met the evening star. Like in a fairytale.

Photo Brigitte Grenfeldt


03 augusti 2009

A Fairytale Wedding / Part 3

What an entrance! Sarah, her father and the bride's maids walked slowly from the boat to the part of the boardwalk where Nicolas was waiting for her.

Nico (not only him!) was so touched by the sight that he could no longer hold back the tears.

His best man told us all later in his speach that this was the first time ever that he - or anyone else he knew - had seen Nicolas cry!

Tears everywhere...

A simlpe platina ring from Tiffany and a little blingbling from Cartier ;-) or vice versa? Who cares - as long as it's prime quality!

Sealed with a kiss

Of course a big family needs a group picture - and this is just a tiny part of it.

And then we went to take some wedding portraits - while the dark clouds came nearer.

Isn't this a beautiful bouquet? So elegant, so simple. Sometimes less is more. Henrietta Zetterström from Flowerhouse had done a great job with all the flower arrangements.

Photo Brigitte Grenfeldt