26 augusti 2008

One of the most romantic places.

Johanna and Peter decided to get ready at different places...

...but they wanted to share some time before the ceremony together without any stress.

Peter was very touched when he saw Johanna for the first time.

The wedding took place at Ingarö kyrka, a very intimate chapel in the Stockholm archipelago.

Yes, I do!

Just married!

The reception was at Beatelunds Fåfänga - a beautiful place situated near to the Baltic Sea.

When the mansion was built it was very fashionable with chinese influences.

You can't help falling in love with the place!

33 beautiful girls - all in one place!

I turned arround and suddenly I had a buch of good looking assistants. And those were only the one's to my left!

While everybody had a great time...

...the "chef" was in action. The staff was from the restaurant "Fredsgatan 12", one of Stockholm's finest!

It's time for dinner.

Thank you, Johanna and Peter, for giving me the opportunity to take some of the most beautiful images of you both together before the ceremony!


21 augusti 2008

Spanish touch in Gripsholm.

When Charlotte and LuisMi planned their wedding for 080808 they had to help the guests to find the location: Gripsholmsviken in Mariefred.

As is the tradition in Spain LuisMi welcomes the guests arriving to the church.

Here comes the bride with a very proud father...

Charlotte is not the shy type of girl - but there are moments...

...and then the look!

As in Spain - a carriage with horses.

The weather was very exciting - wind blowing from all directions and the rain just seconds away.

They had to jump into the carriage but the rain could not stop them from having fun.

The beauties...

..and the beasts!

I'll have to try that one day ;-) This is NOT a photographer from the Champagnegroup!

Thank you, Charlotte and LuisMi, for not freaking out when it started to rain - the pictures in the carriage are so special!


20 augusti 2008

Lots and lots of PINK!

Enjoy the "Pink Wedding" and all those details!

Here they come!

Very special shoes...

...belonging to a very special singer.

Alicia was full of surprises during the ceremony but Alva was the perfect big sister and took care of her...

...while Albin concentrated on his job: watching the ring!

Two lovebirds.

Beautiful details:

Red carpet? Are you kidding?! PINK of course!

Favours for the guests:

Mints, cigarrs, matches etc.

all with the special design and the couple's names on it.

The cake was a tower of delicious cup-cakes and on top of it: the exquisit cake with the couple's new family name - what a great way of telling everybody!

Anybody interested in who made the cake?

Anna, you did such a wonderful job with all those beautiful details, coordinating the colours and always concerned about the well-beeing of your guests. I can assure you - they had a blast!